This website is part of the Open Lighting Project, a distributed, volunteer-driven effort to promote new protocols within the entertainment lighting industry. This site is not associated with any manufacturers and aims to be a free resource for people seeking information about RDM enabled products.

Adding & Changing Information

We're more than happy to list new products. Please see the sections below for how to add information.

Manufacturer Names

The manufacturer ID and name information is pulled from the ESTA website. Please see that site for details on how to update a record.

RDM Controllers

Please email the following product information to nomis52 <at> gmail <dot> com.

RDM Responders

RDM Responder data can be automatically collected and uploaded using the RDM Responder Publisher. This tool is bundled with the RDM Responder tests and uses RDM to collect the information required for the site. For many people the easist way to run the tests is to use a Raspberry Pi.

Parameter ID (PID) Data

Please email changes to nomis52 <at> gmail <dot> com.

External API

Much of the information available on this site is available through JSON APIs. Specifically, we offer the following: